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Tennis Sim ‘TopSpin 2K25’ Official Teaser Unveiled

It's a World of Tennis.

Developer Hangar 13 and publisher Take-Two Interactive have unveiled a teaser trailer for their upcoming tennis simulation game ‘TopSpin 2K25’. Shown off at the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open, check out the video below for a first look at the publisher’s latest entry into the sports simulation category that isn’t basketball. You can also sign up for the game’s newsletter at its official website for beats when they’re available.

Genghis "Solidus Kraken" Husameddin

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  1. I can’t remember the last time there was a good tennis game. :crossed_fingers:

  2. Avatar for Luca91 Luca91 says:

    Topspin has always been a nice game, I’m happy to see this new release :grin: I have memories of TopSpin 4 on x360!

    Now if only we could have a new Virtua Tennis….

  3. Avatar for Nyx Nyx says:

    Super excited!

  4. There’s an official ATP/WTA-developed game close to coming out right now called Tiebreak. I fear that game will have the official tournament licenses while Topspin will be Slams-only (slams are ITF). Tennis bodies never seem to be able to act coherently together. But 2K is the much better developer than Big Ant Studios. I will be happy to see Topspin return! Played the hell out of Topspin 4 on X360 with a friend.

  5. I think Hangar 13 has only done a couple of mafia remasters, haven’t they? At least there’s some pedigree with sports in 2K. AO Tennis wasn’t the worst thing ever from what I understand. I had some issues on PC (I think the game had issues with AMD GPUs) so I never really got to give it a fair shot.

    Edit: Maybe I should give it a try on my Ally.

  6. Avatar for Nyx Nyx says:

    I read that in 2017, the dev of Top Spin 4 merged into Hangar 13. So that would mean at least some of that old team is involved.

  7. :raised_hands:

    That’s good news then.

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