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  • Review | Corsair K55 Core Keyboard

    Corsair was kind enough to send their brand new K55 Core Keyboard.  It’s a USB Membrane style RGB “gaming keyboard”.  I’ve been a big fan of Corsair’s products, and this keyboard has only made me more of a fan.  I’ve used an HP Omen mechanical…

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  • Review | METRO QUESTER

    A nasty virus, an unlivable atmosphere, and creatures from the deep that have emerged—life in the world of METRO QUESTER (“MQ”) is a rough one. Concepted by Kazushi Hagiwara of ‘Bastard!!’ fame and with game design by , this keyboard-focused dungeon crawling role-playing game (“dRPG”)…

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  • Review | Close to the Sun

    A surprise addition was just added to Xbox Game Pass.  Close to the Sun is a 2019 release that features weird time rifts, Nikola Tesla, and a lot of running from puzzle to puzzle.  You are Rose Archer, called to a ship to help your…

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  • Review | Raccoo Venture

    Jumping into the fray comes a new 3D platformer that aims to be reminiscent of those of the late 90s. Developed by one-man army Diego Ras and published by QUByte Interactive, ‘Raccoo Venture’ is a platformer that feels closer to Super Mario 3D World than…

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  • Review | TEVI

    Angels, demons, rabbits (bunnies?)—one heck of a combination. But that’s what TEVI is, a 2D Metroidvania with bullet hell elements, developed by the folks behind the well-loved Rabi-Ribi and published by CreSpirit and Neverland Entertainment. Though I never got around to playing it myself, what I…

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  • Review | QQH Z1-9 15.6″ Portable Travel 1080p HDR Monitor

    The following product was provided by QQH for review. Over the last week, I spent my time with QQH’s 15.6″ Portable Monitor. This monitor is slim and barely has weight to it, but it not only gave me a lot more screen space to work…

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  • Review | LEGO Fortnite

    Fortnite's new metaverse concept brings us various new experiences, the first of which is a LEGO-based survival game.

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  • Review | Asgard’s Wrath 2

    Asgard’s Wrath 2 is an enormous, 100+ hour RPG behemoth and it’s only on the Meta Quest.  You are the same Cosmic Guardian as the first game, trapped by Loki in the prison you helped him escape from.  The Weavers of Fate will guide you…

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  • Review | Nacon Revolution X Pro Camo & Pro Compact Colorlight Controllers

    Nacon sent me their Revolution X & Pro Compact Colorlight Gamepads a month or so ago.  I’ve been using them as I review the never-ending barrage of games to review and have come away with mixed emotions. Pro Compact Colorlight First up is the Colorlight. …

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  • Review | Shadow Gambit: Yuki’s Wish & Zagan’s Ritual

    Shadow Gambit: Cursed Crew got a 9 from me back in August, and then we found out Mimimi Games was shutting down after putting out some final content.  That content is here, and it’s excellent, keeping up the quality of the soon-to-be shuttered studio with…

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  • Review | Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

    Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is Ubisoft developer Massive Entertainment’s latest open-world game, and I loved it.  It tells a standalone tale on the moon Pandora, and much like James Cameron’s first two films, it is stunningly beautiful.  Unlike those films though I finally found myself…

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