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Developer Direct Premier data mining gives show’s runtime

The YouTube premiere for the Xbox Developer Direct has gone up and through some metadata mining the show’s length has been confirmed

The show will last for 48 minutes and 42 seconds. 

Ara: History Untold, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Avowed, and Indiana Jones are confirmed for the event. You can watch along with XboxEra on our co-stream with Sik, Nick, Jesse, and Aarsal live

Xbox put up a blog post to help those interested in the show HERE:

When is Developer_Direct? Thursday, January 18 at 12pm Pacific Time / 3pm Eastern Time / 8pm UK time.

The show will also be streamed simultaneously on regional Xbox and Bethesda channels around the globe, as well as on Steam. It will also air on China’s Bilibili platform on Friday, January 19.

I’m not going to be able to watch, where can I find out what was announced? A full recap will go live immediately following the show (including localized versions in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, LATAM Spanish, and Japanese following later). Xbox Wire will also publish detailed blog posts about select games from the show.

Notes for co-streamers and creators: We at Xbox greatly appreciate any co-stream efforts and aim to ensure you have a smooth experience if you choose to do so.

However, due to forces beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that glitches or disruptions by bots and other automated software won’t interfere with your co-stream.

For those planning to create full post-show breakdowns of Developer_Direct in the form of VOD coverage, we recommend you do not use any audio containing copyrighted music to avoid any action by automated bots, and to also consult the terms of service for your service provider.

How do I watch the Diablo IV Developer Update Livestream? At 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm UK, Blizzard will unearth details about the next season’s gameplay features, Season Journey, and quality-of-life updates. Plus, Blizzard will also share information about The Gauntlet. s.

How do I watch the Elder Scrolls Online 2024 Global Reveal stream? Shortly after Developer_Direct, ZeniMax Online Studios will hostThe Elder Scrolls Online 2024 Global Reveal at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm UK to preview 2024’s biggest update. Streamed from Bethesda’s official Twitch channel at (with Twitch Drops!) and via global Xbox YouTube and Twitch channels, the standalone presentation will see the development team unveil the game’s next major Chapter, including the new zone, storyline, and other major features.

Will there be updates on Activision Blizzard King games? No new information on Activision Blizzard King games will be a part of Developer_Direct. You can look forward to news from those teams later this year.

When will the games in the show be released? All the games in this year’s Developer_Direct will be arriving later, with more details to be shared in the program.

Jesse 'Doncabesa' Norris

Reviews Editor, Co-Owner, and Lead Producer for XboxEra. Father of two with a wife that is far too good for me.

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  1. Less than 24 hours to go!!!

  2. Avatar for Jeans Jeans says:

    So hyped. First show of the year ! Let’s go !

  3. This should be good and hopefully Microsoft will announce they bought a few new game studios too.

  4. I don’t think that this is that type of show

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