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Tabarnapp's Konversion theme is the best Shopify theme I've ever used! The user friendly UX, modern / clean UI, and vast assortment of features and options makes having a highly customizable store effortless. It's well made and the Tabarnapp customer service is unmatched! Honestly the best customer service I've received in the industry. For our company Bulk Socks Wholesale, the Konversion theme has allowed us to be one of the only websites online with 3D renderings of our socks while also delivering an awesome mobile experience. For our other company Bandanas Wholesale, the konversion theme houses a full blown apparel wholesale website with thousands of skus displaying beautifully, loading fast and seo optimized. The konversion theme is our secret sauce!

Stephan Attar

Is your store ready for Konversion?

You can buy the Konversion theme alone, or combined to a premium setup by our conversion experts. No matter the package you pick, it comes with a stellar support. Contact us for all details.

Single License

$197 Shopify Konversion Theme If you’ve currently got just one Shopify store and you’re not looking to expand or grow over time, this is a cost-effective way to get started with Konversion Theme for Shopify.
  • Get 1 store license
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • Free support for 1 year
  • Updates & Support renewal ($99/y)
  • 15-day money back guarantee

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

$394 Shopify Konversion Theme - 3 Licenses If you’ve currently got more than one Shopify store or expect growth in the future, we highly encourage you take advantage of this. We’ve bundled 3 licenses to give you a $65.66 discount per license.
  • Get 3 store licenses
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • Free support for 1 year
  • Updates & Support renewal ($99/y)
  • 15-day money back guarantee

Over the last 5 years of being on Shopify and trying many different themes we can honestly say the Konversion theme is one of the best! Its loaded with features and the support team is quick to respond and amazing to work with. Thanks for the great product guys!

Rampage Coffee Wholesale

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Built Mobile-First

Konversion is built for mobile, first. That means the user-experience prioritizes mobile visitors, which is often more than 80% of a store traffic, nowadays. Every aspect of going through the process of buying from your store works flawlessly on a mobile device. That means abandoned carts and missed sales due to a clunky mobile experience are a thing of the past.

Konversion theme on mobile

Sales Focused Features

Konversion is boosted with features like collection banners, sales tag, custom CTA, countdown timer, deal of the day widget, trust icons and over 20 other options pursuing the goal to increase your sales.


Easy To Find Products

The easier it is to navigate and search for products on your store, the more you’ll sell. With our Smart Navigation and Search features, people will be able to find what they’re looking for right away.


The Konversion theme has been great for our website and the technical support from Tabarnapp has been outstanding. You can’t say that about many companies these days!

Ryan Jackson

Konversion Theme Features


Flexible Logo

Desktop logo and Mobile logo.
Adjust the width and margins.

Announcement Top Bar

Announcement & CTA button.
Facebook share/like buttons.


Three types of menu: basic menu, mega menu with up to 6 columns or menu with products and collections. Choose the alignment, padding and mobile settings.

Header Cart Widget

Select the type of cart widget: text only, cart icon only or both. Display a user profile icon and a search icon.


Blog posts

Add up to 5 rows of featured blog posts, in 2, 3 or 4 columns. Show post titles, dates, excerpts and Read more buttons.

Custom content

Add a custom content block on desktop or mobile or both. Image, text, link, button. Play with the alignment and width of the custom content block, for example it be full width, with or without padding.

Page content

Add the content of an existing page in your shop. Select the page, show or hide its title, define the width of the page block and its alignment. Hide it on desktop or mobile.


Put a testimonial block, as a grid or a slider (slide or fade transition), in your homepage. For each testimonial, add text, image, name, company and link.


Use our built-in icons (plane, truck, badge, shield) or upload yours. Useful to show, for example, Free Shipping, Free Returns, Money-back guarantee, Secure payment.

Instagram feed

Feature your Instragram feed on your homepage. Limit the number of pics to show, the number of images per row on mobile and desktop, the resolution of images and the action to happen on click.

Logos grid

Feature some brands by putting their logo upfront. Upload your own images and add a link on each.


The slideshow is often what customers see first. We made it very flexible in his display (desktop, mobile or both, his dimensions (small, medium, large, x-large height), title/subtitle and content size, frequency/speed, styling (text and buttons size and colors), content alignment and location, overlay opacity and more.

Loox Visual Reviews

Display reviews with photos, select to hide reviews without image, define the number of reviews to show and the maximum width of the Loox widget.

Google Map

Display your location in a Google Map, on your homepage. Ideal for retail stores with one or more locations. Choose the map mode (Place, Search, View), the initial zoom, enable satelite view, set the map height and hide it on desktop or mobile.

Newsletter Form

Grow your mailing list with a newsletter sign up form anywhere in your homepage sections. Add a CTA title, a description and a button.

Section separator

Split two sections thanks to a separator. Use a bold color to add some emphasis on the section in between two separators, or a white separator on a white background to add some extra blank space between two sections. Separators comes with the abilitiy to select the size (Ultra Thin, Thin, Normal, Bold), to remove or add margins and to hide on desktop or mobile.

Collections list

Show some featured collections, with the collection featured image, title (over or below the image), add an image hover effect, play with its overlay opacity and color. Enable image cropping if your collection featured images are not all of the same size or ratio.

Single Collection

Feature one single collection. Add a link on the heading title to collection page, select the ATC button location and text, display a second product image on hover and define how many rows of products are displayed on mobile and desktop.

Featured products

Similar to the Single collection section, the featured products section allow a manual selection of products by the merchant. The features are similar to the Single collection section.

Single product

Showcase one star product in your homepage. Set the button action (Add to cart, Buy Now or Go to product page), use variants dropdown or variant swatches for product options, hide them when the product has only one option, show/hide the quantity selector and the dynamic checkout button, enable or disable the product image zoom, add thumbs vertically or horizontally, display the description fully or partially.

Youtube video

Make your homepage more dynamic with a video. Simply paste your Youtube video URL, then choose the alignment, column width, video width and height.

Collection pages

Collection settings

Pimp your collection pages with breadcrumbs, left sidebar or dropdowns with tag filters, sorting options and navigation menu. Allow customers to Add to cart and select the ATC button location, show a second product image on hover to make your products more attractive, switch pagination for infinite scroll and decide the number of columns and rows, on desktop and mobile.

Title & Description

Add the collection title and description in your collection pages, above or below the products, aligned left, center or right.


Improve the collection navigation with a custom menu in the left sidebar or inside a dropdown top-right. Add any link in this menu from the Navigation section inside Shopify.

Categorized tags

Group tags together rather than being displayed all separated by alphaetical order. This way, all tags related to tag category "Size" will be grouped and displayed together. Ability to collapse tag categories when they have many items, and to display a Show More. Hide all non-categorized tags from the filters in the sidebar or in a dropdown.

Banner image

Each collection can have its own banner image, easily manageable via the theme customizer section. The banner can be hidden on desktop and/or mobile. It can contain the collection title and subtitle, with the desired alignment, size and color. The banner section can have different height and gradient effects."

Product pages

Banner image

Each product can have its own banner image, easily manageable as the last image uploaded in the image gallery, in the product admin. The banner can be hidden on desktop and/or mobile. It can contain the product title, with the desired alignment, size and color. The banner section can have different height and gradient effects.

Product Gallery

One of the most, if not the most, important selling factor is the quality of the product images. That's why the product image gallery is key. Enable a zoom on hover or on click on desktop and/or mobile, display arrows to switch image for the main image and the thumbnails, display the thumbnail gallery vertically at left or horizontally under the main image.

Product properties

Products have many properties and options. They can have a short description (excerpt) with a different length, product options can be inside swatches or dropdowns, the Add-to-Cart button can be moved above/below, products with only one option can have the variant picker hidden. You can display the quantity selector, vendor, collections, tags, SKU, product type, share icons and the dynamic checkout button.

Related products

Display related products at the bottom of the product pages. Related products can be products from the same collection, or can be manually selected by you (manageable with a custom menu, via the Navigation section in Shopify). Define the number of products you want in the related products slider, the call-to-action (show ATC button on hover, under the product or button).

Secure payment badge

Display a secure payment badge provided by the theme, or upload your own. Adjust the location (below/above icons) and the image width.

Trust icons

Add trust icons. Select from the theme's default icons or from any Font Awesome icons. You can also upload your own icons (images). For each icon you can write your own text under it.

Sticky Add to Cart

Activate a sticky add-to-cart bar on desktop and a sticky add-to-cart button on mobile, alongside the default add-to-cart button. Make it easier for customers to buy.

Content tabs

Add more info on each product page using content tabs. Tabs can be global, but each product or each collection can have its own tabs. Manage the content tabs via the Navigation section of Shopify, by creating a new menu. Perfect to display the size charts, shipping info, guarantee policy, reviews and more. Tabs can be closed by default on mobile.


Boost customers' willingness to buy with great product reviews. Works with any reviews app. Premade configs with a one-click setup for Shopify's Product Reviews app, Loox Visual reviews app, Ryviu app and Yotpo app. If content tabs are disabled, product reviews will be displayed under the product description section.

Custom content

Add some content at the bottom of your product pages. Because some products require more product details or more pictures, displayed inside a specific design of yours.

Variant swatches

Enable variant swatches for color options, or for any other option like size, material, etc. For colors, you can select from our color picker or upload your own images.

Mobile settings

As Konversion is built mobile-first, we allow some settings specific to mobile devices. You can change the location of the Add-to-Cart form and button, show or hide the excerpt, change the location of the variant/option labels and of the pricing, make the options display on 1 or 2 columns, enable the sticky ATC button with or without the default ATC button,


Cart settings

The cart has many options, including: a special instructions field (checkout note), a floating image animation when you add a product to cart, a continue shopping link, a banner image at the top of the cart page, a logo and title, the alignment of the content and more.

Add-to-Cart Action

Define the behavior when customers add products to cart: Stay on page, Open cart drawer, Open cart popup, Go to cart page, Go to Checkout, Go to Product page, Hide the Add to cart button.

Header cart widget

Behavior of the top-right cart widget when clicking on it: Open cart drawer, Open cart popup, Go to cart page, Go to checkout.

Related products in cart

Display related products in the cart page, right before customers checkout. Automatically or manually select which products are displayed as cross-sells, with the ability to add them to cart without leaving the cart page. Define the number of products you want to display in the related products slider and show a second product image on hover.

Trust badges

Secure payment badge, banner image, warranty icon, phone number, support agent image and more.

Custom content & Html

Add more content to your cart page, or embed any widget or snippet of code like facebook comments, like box, reviews or any HTML content. Choose the location of this custom content.

Shipping Rates Calculator

Allow customers to estimate the shipping fees before reaching the checkout page. Edit the heading text, the default country selection and the button labels.

Contact page


Display a breadcrumb, content from the contact page and/or a custom content.

Contact form

Edit the contact form, change the submit button text, add a phone number field, a form title or a description.

Featured product upsell

Promote a product inside the Contact page, most often being the second most visited page of your store, after the homepage. Add a featured product title, show or hide the product description, put a Add-to-cart button over the product image on hover or under it.


Show a Google Map on desktop or mobile or both, Select your map mode (place, search, view), set the location query or coordinates, the initial zoom, the max height and location in the page. Ability to set your own HTML map.



Display one or more menus in the footer. Collapsable on mobile.
Adjust the width and margins.

Page content

Get the content from any page of your store in the footer. Limit the amount of content showed with a Read more button.

Text/Button CTA

Add some custom text and call-to-action in the footer, or the contact details with links.

Html content

Insert a widget, like a map, a Facebook Like widget, an embed video from Youtube or reviews from social media.


Upload a pic, for example a logo, a trust badge or any other image in your footer.


Social link icons, payment & security icons, colors, mobile display and more.

General Settings


Set the primary color and secondary colors, the alternative color for contrast sections, header colors, menu colors (menu text and background, submenu text and background, footer ocolors, the Add to Cart button color in the product page and more.


Select from a wide variety of Google Fonts. Set different fonts for the headings and the body content.

404 page

Make your 404 page less boring, so the next time customers stumble upon a Page Not Found, he doesn't feel too sad. Edit the font size, color, the title and description, the vertical and horizontal alignement, set a background color or upload a background image.


Upload a custom image to be used as a favicon.

Layout options

Make your main header sticky on desktop or mobile or both, this way the header stays fixed to the top of the screen while scrolling. Change the header height (standard or tall) for example when your logo is more vertical than horizontal. Tweak the product card of the collection pages: product title length, card height, margin for mobile. Upload a background image or set a background color for the whole store.

Variant options

Hide unavailable variants Checkbox. Link or group product options (variants) together. Remove default query paramenters (eg. ?variant=xxxxxxxxx) from the product page URLs. Add more variant swatches by entering the product option name that you want to switch from a variant dropdown to a variant swatch.

Social Media

Enable sharing. Display all your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat... Display social profile icons in the top header bar, in the menu drawer on mobile, in the footer. Edit the facebook image, title and description of your store when its homepage URL is shared on Facebook.


Give your blog a little bit of love with a banner image and title, set the number of columns (number of posts displayed per row), show or hide the author and the publishing date.

Custom features

Page Builder

Build any page from scratch, using our Page Builder tool. Define your layout with columns and set the page width. Add a page content inside this page, a custom content block, an HTML block, an image, a menu, a contact form or a page break. Video. Demo page.

Currency switcher

Display a currency switcher in the top header bar on desktop and in the menu drawer on mobile. Edit the default currency and the list of currencies you want to show, as well as how the amount appears (with or without the currency symbol).

Countdown timer

Display countdown timer inside the Add-to-cart button. Simply tag the product(s) you want to display a countdown timer on, using the tag countdown-{days}-{hours}-{minutes}.Example. Ability to repeat the timer automatically when it ends.

Deal of the day

The deal of the day feature is composed of two parts. Part 1: a widget in the header to feature your deal of the day. Part 2: a widget inside the product page. Add the tag deal-yyyy-mm-dd to all the products in the deal-of-the-day collection. They will appear as the deal of the day on the date(s) you picked (eg. deal-2017-05-10).

Newsletter popup

Display a signup form in a popup on page landing, on desktop or mobile. Set the time when the popup appears (number of seconds) and its frequency of re-appearence (number of days). Show or hide the first name field in the form, an image in the left or right column, a title and a description aligned left/center/right, as well as an editable button. Display popup when you visit site.

Announcement popup

Make sure visitors are aware of your new product! This popup displays a product. You can play with the popup size, text alignment and product image alignment. You can edit the title, description and button text. You can even turn this popup into an explosive offer!

Upsell popup

Display an upsold product in a popup when customers click the Add to Cart button in the product page (using the editable product tag product_checkout_popup to trigger the popup), or when they click on the Checkout button in the cart page (using the editable product tag cart_checkout_popup to trigger the popup). Choose the product, set a background image, title, subtitle, description, add to cart button text and behavior, 'No thanks' dismiss text and more.

Integration with Uploadery app

Enable the Uploadery app, from Shoppad. Give your customers the ability to send files with their order. One-click setup with the Konversion theme, no coding required nor any theme file edit.

Upselling made simple - No app required

Konversion allows you to upsell in the product page, in the cart page, when you click Add-to-cart or when you click Checkout. All this with 0 app required.

product page upsell
Watch how the Product Page Upsell works
  1. 1


    Let's take the product page upsell as an example.
    Create a navigation menu called Product upsell. The handle needs to be: product-upsell

  2. 2


    [Product page] Add a menu item and name it following this structure: products/product-handle
    This product will serve as the product page location where the upsell is displayed.

  3. 3


    [Upsold product] Select the product to be displayed as an upsell in the product page defined in step 2 above.

Cart page upsell
Cart Page Upsell
Learn More
Checkout upsell popup
Checkout Upsell Popup
Watch a video
Add to cart upsell popup
Add-to-Cart Upsell Popup
Watch a video

What some of e-comm's top guys think of Konversion

Justin Cener
Travis Petelle
Social Freak Lead
Snag Success
Ecomm Dominators
Johnny Amicci
Drew's Reviews

No Need To Hire A Developer

Designers, coders, copywriters… This can easily cost $1,000s of dollars.

Built-In Features

No Need To Hire A Consultant

Consultants can be expensive if you want to work with people that know their stuff.

Free Support

No Need To Do It Yourself

Trying to figure this out on your own can be a waste of time and traffic dollars.

Ready Layouts

Three main problems with your current Shopify theme

The Good News Is We Can Solve ALL 3 Of These Big Problems!

We’ve created the ultimate Shopify theme that was created from the ground up with a focus on making your store faster and more user-friendly, easy to update without any design or coding skills, and ultimately giving all the tools you need to turn more visitors into buyers!

It Loads Too Slowly

There’s nothing worse than a slow store. If your pages lag or it takes time for your product images to load, you’re done. 

Your Design Is Clunky, So Is Customer Experience

If your store is hard to navigate and doesn’t look attractive, people will shop elsewhere. 

Your Call-to-Actions Are Ineffective

You need more than a standard “Add to cart” button if you want to maximize your sales. 

Everything is made for speed: Installation, Setup, Load Speed.
You don’t need any design or coding skills to customize this theme
Conversion optimization features are built-in and easy to modify
It makes it easy for your visitors to navigate your store and buy

Built by the team behind some of the most popular Shopify apps & themes

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Single License

Shopify Konversion Theme If you’ve currently got just one Shopify store and you’re not looking to expand or grow over time, this is a cost-effective way to get started with Konversion Theme for Shopify.
  • Get 1 store license
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • Free support for 1 year
  • Updates & Support renewal ($99/y)
  • 15-day money back guarantee

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Shopify Konversion Theme - 3 Licenses Save $177 If you’ve currently got more than one Shopify store or expect growth in the future, we highly encourage you take advantage of this. We’ve bundled 3 licenses to give you a $65.66 discount per license.
  • Get 3 store licenses
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • Free support for 1 year
  • Updates & Support renewal ($99/y)
  • 15-day money back guarantee
Agency package

Get 10 licenses for $997

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Here are some of the most frequent questions and their answers.

Knowledge Base
  • What exactly is the Konversion Theme for Shopify?

    This theme was designed with a focus on maximizing your customer’s overall experience. Konversion Theme for Shopify is fast, it’s easy to navigate, it looks great on mobiles devices, and you can update it without any sort of technical skills or experience.

  • What if I need help or have a question?

    Because this theme is so easy to install and customize, we don’t anticipate that you’ll have any issues. But if you do need help along the way or have a question, we’re just a support ticket away.

    Our support respond to ALL support tickets within 24 hours or less, and depending on when you send the ticket, we usually respond within just a few hours. When you get Konversion Theme for Shopify, you can be confident that we’re here if you need us.

    We also offer paid customizations, and refer to our partner Storetasker if our workload is too heavy.

  • Can I use this theme on a brand new Shopify (or one that I’m about to open)?

    Absolutely. If you’re just getting going with Shopify, you’ll be able to start strong and give yourself the best opportunity for massive success when you use Konversion Theme for Shopify. Plus, it’s extremely easy to install and customize if you’re just starting out.

  • Do I need this to sell on Shopify?

    Yes. Konversion works only on Shopify stores.

  • Why is this better than other themes?

    There are a lot of themes out there that look nice. But most themes are not focused on speed and the end user’s experience. Konversion Theme for Shopify looks great, it’s easy to use, it loads incredibly quickly, and people will love visiting your store.

  • Is this compatible with other 3rd party plugins?

    This theme is compatible with Shopify and should work well with most 3rd party plugins (apps), although adding certain 3rd party plugins may impact the overall performance of Konversion Theme for Shopify.

  • Is this theme easy to use, even if I’m not tech-savvy?

    It sure is. You don’t need any design skills, programming skills, or really any technical “know how” of any kind. Konversion Theme for “Shopify” is easy to use right out of the box.

  • How many stores can I use this theme on?

    It depends on the version you choose. The single user license may only be used on one store, but if you have multiple stores or anticipate growth, our 3-licenses package is a smart investment that will pay for itself. For more than 3 licenses, contact us

  • What about updates to the theme? Are those included?

    Updates are included in the licensing fee. Anytime there’s an update to Konversion Theme for Shopify, you’ll get access to that update at no additional charge.

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Disclaimer Different factors can affect the speed of a theme and even after installing Konversion Theme we can't guarantee that it will be faster.
Apps, images, custom code, servers, CDN, network and more can affect the whole speed of a site. Terms & Privacy.